BioDiesel Equipment.

Biodiesel Process Testing Equipment.

Biodiesel fuel is known to be used as an alternative or additive to standard diesel fuel and can be made from plant oils or animal fat. A number of websites/sources delineate procedures and formulas, series of steps to follow for developing small biodiesel quantities.

The Science Company offers lab equipment and chemicals in smaller (start-up) amounts for one-time use or for small batch quantities. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-372-6726.

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CHEMICALS for Biodiesel Testing Use:

LIQUID Acetone, ACS Reagent Grade 16 oz. NC-0007
Hydrochloric Acid, 0.01N 16 oz. NC-10441
Hydrochloric Acid, 0.01N 32 oz NC-9965
Isopropyl Alcohol, Reagent, 99+% 16 oz. NC-0030
Methyl Alcohol, ACS (Methanol) 16 oz. NC-3495
Bromphenol blue, 0.4% aq, 4 oz. NC-9966
Phenolphthalein 4 oz. NC-9102
Phenolphthalein 1 oz. NC-0700
DRY Potassium Hydroxide 500 g NC-0740
Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 500 g NC-0873
Sodium Hydroxide 500 g NC-0874


Gloves, Powder Free Latex, Large Box/100 NC-0479
Gloves, Powder Free Latex, Large Box/10 NC-9446
Gloves, Powder Free Latex, Medium Box/100 NC-1819
Gloves, Powder Free Latex, Medium Box/10 NC-9449
Gloves, Sol-Vex® Nitrile, size 9 1 Pair NC-0482
Gloves, Sol-Vex® Nitrile, size 10 1 Pair NC-3671
Safety Goggles, Adult size
1 Each


Pyrex Beakers


50ml NC-0071
150ml NC-0068
250ml G-1629
400ml NC-0079
600ml G-1630
1000ml G-1631
2 L NC-0077

Bomex Beakers, Glass

100ml NC-7865
250ml NC-5583
400ml NC-7866
600ml NC-5582
1000ml NC-5581


Class B, 100ml, ± 0.2% NC-0172
Class B, 50ml, ± 0.1% NC-9824

Funnels, Glass

50mm, 2″ standard stem NC-0472
75mm, 3″ standard stem NC-0473
90mm, 3-1/2″ standard stem NC-6463

Graduated Cylinders, Class A

10ml NC-0305
25ml NC-0308
50ml NC-0310
100ml NC-0306
250ml NC-0309
500ml NC-0311
1000ml NC-0307


Range 0 .850 – 0.900 x 0.005 NC-10459

Pipettes, Serological, Class A

1 x 0.1mL NC-0713
2 x 0.1mL NC-0714
5 x 0.1mL NC-0712
10 x 0.1mL NC-0710
25 x 0.1mL NC-3138
Pipette Filler NC-2135
Rubber Pipette Bulb, 60ml NC-0707

Stir Rods, Glass

10 inch NC-5604
6 inch NC-5585


Beakers, Plastic

50ml, pp NC-10401
100ml, pp NC-5530
250ml, pp NC-7870
500ml, pp NC-7871
1000ml, pp NC-7872
2000ml, pp NC-9856

Funnels, Plastic

55mm, 1″ Standard Stem NC-1308
75mm, 2-3/4″ Standard Stem NC-0451
100mm, 3-1/4″ Standard Stem NC-0448

Graduated Cylinders, Plastic

10ml, PP NC-7874
25ml, PP NC-7875
50ml, PP NC-7833
100ml, PP NC-7832
250ml, PP NC-7876
500ml, PP NC-8069
1000ml, PP NC-8070


3-finger Clamp NC-7803
Lab Stand Clamp Holder, brass NC-7802
Lab Stand Clamp Holder, adjustable NC-10293
Buret Clamp NC-7824
Lab / Support Stand NC-7798


Hanna Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate
Compact Digital Scale, 2000g x 0.1g
Compact Digital Scale, 3000g x 0.1g
Triple Beam Mechanical Balance
• Rugged import with 3 weights, 610 x 0.1g
Triple Beam Mechanical Balance
• Rugged import with tare bar, 610 x 0.1g
pH Fix Paper, 0-14. Pk/100
Hanna pH Meter, pHep4 (0.1 pH)
Hanna pH Meter, pHep5 (0.1 pH)
Digital Lab Stem Thermometer, DT310LAB
Thermometer, 0-230°F, 12 inch, PI/YB